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Time for Plan B: Protect Your Business with Document Scanning Services

Always create and update backups

If your business relies on a ton of documents to operate, you definitely want to have backups of those files—and lots of them. Always keep multiple copies of important files, both hard copies and digital copies. Many reputable scanning companies like offer to store both digital and physical records in a secure off-site location. You’ll also want to keep some backups in your own home for an added layer of protection.


Best Practices and EMR Platforms are Vital to Protect Patient Info

“To protect data from leaking out and to produce a reader-friendly version of an EMR, medical practices can also rely on printing and mailing services. Physical copies of EMRs are requested by insurance agencies and medical specialists. As opposed to sending a record via email, healthcare practices can rest easy that a competent company is handling the service for them.

The thing is, even such a measure can’t always guarantee the security of EMRs, as NRAD found out the hard way. Records need to be backed up regularly and EMR access needs to be very limited, if possible. Simply leaving an internet-capable computer unattended at the medical practice is already a wrong move as far as security experts are concerned. Reliable document management services know the importance of these simple acts, which are sometimes all that is needed to prevent data breaches.”

Get a Secure Document Storage Service to Protect Your Bottom Line

Many business owners might be reluctant to launch a digital storage system. After all, it could take hours and hours of employee time just sorting through the tons of paperwork a company may have accumulated over the years. Add to this the man-hours needed to scan the needed files and save the images on secure digital locations.

However, with the growing industry for document storage service, business owners and managers can entrust the job to professionals instead of running the system by themselves. Reputable document storage services even offer user-friendly software which can help the transition to digital go faster, and minimize inefficiencies when a digitization system is already in place.