Choose a Scanning Service that Makes the Workplace More Efficient

The only way to remove that mountain of paperwork in the office is to go paperless and opt for document scanning services. Your workplace doesn’t need to be burdened with a paper trail that takes too much effort to follow and organize. Everything is going digital and document scanning has become the method of choice in storing and consolidating data in the office.

Ending the Paper Chase

Document management has many components like software, equipment, and security, so having the expertise of a professional is necessary to ensure that all documentation issues are properly addressed. Finding the right scanning services for your company can be a stress-free experience if you keep the following considerations in mind:


This is the first step is finding a company that you can trust. Determine how long the company has been in business and ask for references. A reliable company should be able to discuss the entire document scanning process for you and provide information on how they keep your data protected. Your files should be handled with complete discretion and safeguarded at all times.


As there are basically no limitations to the types of documents that can be scanned and digitized, the company that you choose should be able to provide all your needs. Paper documents, pictorial data, large formats, books, magazines, Microfilm, and drawings are just some of the records that a scanning service provider should be able to handle. Some companies even have specialized software used to improve the image quality of fading documents.


There are many types of certifications that make a company stand out from the rest. Red Flag, SSAE 16, FERPA, and HIPAA certifications as well as SAS 70 Type II compliance are just some of the qualifications that show a document scanning company’s ability to follow guidelines specific to a certain industry.

Going paperless is always a big move regardless of the nature of your business. By having a document scanning company that has the knowledge and experience to ensure that everything goes smoothly, you are saving both time and money. Some document management companies, such as Spectrum Information Services (SIS), offer a full suite of solutions from document scanning to secure web repository.

(Source: 5 Tips for Improving Productivity by Ending the Paper Chase, Ross Rubin)


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