Document Scanning Services Aid in Reducing Public Records Storage

Some government offices can find their work space so crammed full of important papers that their staff don’t know where to place them anymore. Writer Paul Mrozek of The Daily News Online in Genesee County, New York reports:

Genesee running out of storage space, historian tells panel

Genesee County’s records management office is running out of storage areas to keep paper documents, county lawmakers were informed Monday.

“We probably have five to six years of shelf space,” County Historian and records management officer Michael J. Eula said.

Eula, who was hired in August, gave his department update at Monday’s Human Services Committee meeting. He said lack of space for printed documents has become an issue because there is a huge backlog of records that have not been converted to microfilm from paper.

The importance of digitizingold documents will not be lost on environmentally-conscious Americans. Many federal bodies like the National Archives recommend scanning old but important paper documents so the originals can be preserved in a secure environment while other papers deemed no longer of value will be put up for recycling. If your business or organization is facing the same dilemma as Genesee County’s officials, enlist professional scanning services like Spectrum Information Services, Inc. for help.

You need to fully assess the level of storage space you still have and the manpower available to process the existing papers, which your document scanning team will be able to address. Eula testified in a County Legislature hearing that the History Department’s recent shift from a full-time clerk to only a part-time status was a setback for archival activities. He added that a person fully schooled in the system and on permanent assignment with the department will work better for records management than using volunteers or part-time personnel.

People who know document scanning companies, like Spectrum Information president, Curtis Pilon, can present their services to aid in solving such a problem. They have an easy process for studying the volume of material to be scanned. Once the necessary arrangements have been made for pickup and the pricing is agreed upon, the scanning team can then proceed with the work.

The scanning process will involve high-end equipment geared to capture the document to the best possible resolution. The client will then be offered an option to send the originals into storage or have them destroyed. Such a strategy can address County Manager Jay Gsell’s concerns on records management technologies that New York State will allow the county to use.

Secure document scanning and preservation is vital, especially when you consider the fire hazards that large piles of paper can pose. Consult with an experinced document scanning service now.

(Source: Genesee running out of storage space, historian tells panel, The Daily News Online, 4 November 2014)


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